Recruit Next

Recruiters needs to learn theories and methods of sourcing, recruiting, and talent acquisition from the comfort of their desktops, laptops or even smart phones. Our training is designed to meet the challenges in recruiting, talent mining, information retrieval with Boolean queries, lean or just-in-time recruiting, and semantic search. Use our unique techniques to learn how to source talent on social media, find email addresses, perform diversity recruiting, use Twitter in different recruiting processes, and use Facebook’s Graph Search.

Constant advances in technology and social media have changed the nature of recruiting from mostly verbal and face-to-face communication into the rapid-fire digital exchange of emails, texts, tweets, posts, videos, online profiles, and interacting remotely. Those who haven’t kept up with the shifts in recruiting (some call them disruptors) need recruiter training.

Are your recruiters leveraging best practices to source, assess, and close their candidates, and play a strategic, consultative role with their hiring managers?
Would you like to improve your production, level of success, and income?
Are you prepared to build the workforce for tomorrow?
Are your interviewers and hiring managers gathering the right evidence in the interview process to select and hire the best people for your company?